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Roman, that is an interesting article. I work in early learning. Over the years, I can see more and more children that are connected to technology. I see more children who spend less time playing outside, yet alone spending time reading. I also see more children with different health conditions.

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Thank you Roman, this is such a wonderful article.

When going out to eat we see so many parents let their children sit at the table with tablets, phones, etc. They also have the blue-tooth earphones plugged in. Most of these restaurants are very dark and the kids are just staring into a blue light. Such a crime. Sad.

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Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Duck Hunt

Cabbage Patch Kids

Boy did this episode take me back lol.

Folks are always scratching their heads wondering why the younger generations are having more problems like mental, physical, and spiritual. Technology might come up in a conversation but even then they don't fully grasp what it's doing to us. Good thing there are more folks getting into the science of it because I can barely wrap my head around it some days.

Thank yall.

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Check out this video.

These are great questions.

I Stumbled upon him on this substack


in the comments.

I am currently writing a big article on how to detox from the jab and shedding and asked him to provide the resources. he did.

he does add to the conversation about nanotechnolgy. He has been studying it for 10 years.. he seems to have amazing results with people getting better. I like that it is inexpensive and it can potentially get the stuff out. I guess just like many people who learn about nanotech in humans - I want it out! :)

let me know what you think!

At this point, I am collecting information. Sometimes it contradicts each other..but it is ok, it is often like this - many things can help heal :)

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Hello, dear Bogdana and Roman! Thank you for the great episode! I shared with many and I am emailing it to the director of my kids' private church school. Maybe it will be the first time she is hearing it but we do need to start conversations about these issues.

Dreaming about seeing "Wifi Free" schools, libraries, children's spaces, etc.

I would add also that most of the children at schools had CDC scheduled vaccinations and are suffering from heavy metal toxicity. Thus, they are even more susceptible to the damaging effects of wireless radiation, EMF. Then they go to school cafeteria to eat the worst processed foods

Sometimes I feel we do not take care of children- we inject them with poison, feed them garbage and expose them to all the wireless nonstop radiation. And all our of Love, actually :)

Unrelated question - what screen protector do you use for your computer to protect against blue light?

Thank you! I got a Japanese one...I think it is ok.

Wish you both all the best!

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