This is so interesting. Especially about electricity. I wrote about this, too, but from a different perspective. There are so many ways electricity hinders rather than helps us. Even just the fact that we can no longer see the night sky. All the beautiful stories various cultures built around the night sky and they are disappearing. The magic and the mystery is gone. Imagine what it will be like when Elon Musk blankets the entire earth with Starlink and every person is hooked up to the internet. And then the ads that will be beamed from space. So much to look forward to!

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Wow, really interesting article!

We are constantly bombarded with radio and microwave frequencies. Most people have no idea just how much.

Radio Frequency Climate Manipulation Amounts To Weather Warfare


WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, Proof: NEXRAD/HAARP Storm Dispersal Chemtrails Weather Control Radar


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Wow! Once more, I learned from your writings! Do I believe in mental non-5-sense abilities. My experience is that most people have such abilities, different in different people.

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About health effects of diet: T. Colin Campbell’s book The China Study describes some compelling research. When he fed rats a diet including animal protein they developed cancer; when he removed the animal protein the cancer disappeared. He could turn cancer off and on, like flipping a light switch.

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For that matter, there was a Hungarian inventor (a monk) of the usability of radio waves to build radios and antennas before Marconi (I forget the name) , but he didn't have the kind of support Marconi did, so he died peacefully in his bed. :)

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I'm clicking "like" and sharing, as i sit here bathed in EMF.


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Wonderful! I am cross-publishing it!

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Fascinating! Thank you!

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I am frustrated with Firstenberg and yourself - probably many others too.

I don't see any of you making the obvious connection between the roll out of 5G and this 'novel' disease, Covid19.

I see you skirting around it, like it is taboo to say what is really the root cause of Covid 19.

It needs saying loud and clear, without miles of justification and obfuscation.

5G has caused Covid 19 and as long as few people have the courage to boldly say that, nature in its entirely will continue to die.

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