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We just don't have this kind of sun, just don't get it here. :(

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Roman, this is a keeper! i loved the "ocular melatonin" and once you got into cerebrospinal fluid, well, we're surfing my channel. Thank you for your original and expanded perspective on these two things. Fascinating!

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Hey TJ, yes indeed I have!


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Thank you! Will be in plenty of Sun this weekend... (sans sunscreen) will have good pics by the beginning of the week!

Now, to upgrade my digital skills to learn how to send the photos! 🙃

Thank you ...

This is mostly curiosity as I am not fearful of dis-ease etc.

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How beneficial are far infared saunas?

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What about light coming through windows? It shifts frequencies toward the red spectrum. Wouldn't this be better than natural sunlight to get more red spectrums?

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We all need to know how to protect ourselves from electrosmog radiation because it is obvious that Big Telecoms are as intransigent and ignorant as big P-Harma.

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.... late to this conversation: There is an app called: f.lux

-which will convert your computer and/or phone screen from emitting blue light to warm light. As it is much easier on the eyes...fortunately the blue light emanating from the computer screen, tv, and phone annoy the heck out of me. Thus the annoyance has prevented this person from becoming a social media addict.... the blue light is so annoying...

ON UHD TV's the whites at night seem blinding to me. One cannot seem to adjust the blinding blacklight, whiteness of the tv...are there any suggested apps etc. other than Blue blocking Glasses to adjust the darn light from the TV? Have tried every setting...

In addition, SPEAK UP FOLKS...

received a script from Ophthalmologist to add blue blocker tint to my glasses upon receipt of the spectacles, noticed no blue block tint... the Optometrist replied it was a 'waste of $$' as people really don't need it. HEY, there it was ON MY SCRIPT by the DR. and yet...this person made an 'executive decision' deciding HOW to spend MY money! LOL

Needless to say...never going back...


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Wondering what 'white spots' in your tan skin mean? Have been a religious user of sunscreen to this day, however the more sun exposure, the more I have been experiencing little white specks on my arms, that do NOT tan...they stay white. These spots do not travel nor grow in size...

Wondering... Does that mean my flesh has hit maximum UV absorption? Inquiring here, since one usually forgets to mention at annual checkup with Family doctor in October (when it is usually rainy and not sunny) LOL

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I was telling my friends about how it's good to get sun in your eyes. But one of them said she has cataracts and the doctor says not to. Is there anything else that might help at that point?

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This will help me so much. Thank you!

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I was injured by a pharma drug, unbeknownst to me at the time of severe injury, I was craving nature and sunlight.

I got out everyday and walked a bit nature in the am, this finally woke me up to what was causing my dis-ease and after two long years I was able to taper off.

Sunlight, grounding in nature and pure foods as our ancestors ate are the real medicine.

Happy I'm on the road the recovery.

I just found your sub stack, thank you for your research and informative articles.

What do think about infra red saunas? I know they're not created equal. I did purchase one ( hopefully one of the safest and grounding mat) for days too hot (in Arizona) and the rare time the sun isn't out.

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UV B rays are the only ones for the body to make D .

B rays are not around all year and not during the entire day depending the month /day and where you live.

B rays can be present in the morning , at lower strength and go up during the day.

Depending your skin type the duration exposing yourself to the B rays for the body to make as much D differs . White skinned people will do in general for 20 minutes in the beginning. Dark skinned people need a bit longer. All the in the sun sitting for D is useless if there are no B rays present.

You can download an App , for example LunaSolCal , input where you live , scroll to sun and look at the altitude of the sun , when it is over 50 the B rays are there for you to consume😊everything below you are wasting your time for D. There is a nice little page on the app , scroll sun and you see the sun moving up and down . And of course avoid putting any sunscreen etc when consuming D as it will not work if you lash on all that stuff . When it goes just over 50 it is not hot at all and once you feel you are burning a bit get out, the job of D is done😊. Forgot to add, when it is overcast it does not work either for the B rays to work for D

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EMF is an increasingly formidable problem. Here's a perspective I wrote recently, which also references an article I published back in 2009. https://rossrosen.substack.com/p/emf-exposure-and-fragility

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Fascinating. Thank you!

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Usually up to date with info about chemistry/hormones. Didn't know this information. Guess it's time to get back OUT IN THE SUN instead of squirreling away in the house to avoid those pesky ultraviolet rays squawked about all the time.

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