The Power Couple by Roman Shapoval
The Power Couple
Charles Frohman: a veteran of health freedom helping others combat the digital gulag

Charles Frohman: a veteran of health freedom helping others combat the digital gulag

Charles Frohman: National Health Federation
Charles Frohman

On this episode, we discussed:

  • How whistleblowers in telecomm have spoken out against wireless

  • Why having more cell towers in National Parks won’t help us in an emergency

  • How 4G towers in France killed livestock

  • How rural homes are being targeted with OTARD antennas

  • Why it may be difficult to ground in the near future

  • Many resources by Charles on what we can do about it!

See the shownotes below to connect with

, so that you can help make a change in your area.

We are more powerful than we know.

Roman & Bohdanna


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Join Charles in unleashing the power of the Health Freedom movement:

  1. Schedule a meeting with politicians on any health freedom issue:

    1. Stop Wireless Mesh, and support local wired solutions

    2. Restoring pHARMa vaccine injury liability (telecom too)

    3. Opposing FDA’s persecution of nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and natural compounding

    4. Exiting the WHO and the UN, and preventing Agenda 2030 here, too

    5. Replacing occupational licensing with competitive certification

    6. Expanding Health Savings Accounts & insurance alternatives

    7. Exposing farm over-vaccination, excessive spraying & wireless harm

    8. Goading the EPA to ban pesticides and geoengineering, and regulate the wireless pollutant

    9. Passing the Medical Freedom Amendment, and

    10. Restoring trust in health authorities by dividing the Federal health bureaucracy among the 50 States (& private sector)

  2. Join monthly meetings - including this Friday at noon ET (pesticides, natural treatments & state of Health Freedom)

  3. Support NHF’s campaigns federally & in the states

  4. Upgrade your family & business healthplan to become a price-sensitive shopper, or add the money-doubling account for Out of Pocket

  5. Subscribe to Freedom Hub’s Health & Liberty webinars

  6. Charles’ presentation on becoming an empowered patient & health freedom advocate

  7. Contact Charles via LinkedIn

The Power Couple by Roman Shapoval
The Power Couple
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