EMF 101: What you need to know about EMF

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What does this course look like?

Do you feel overwhelmed by complex topics like EMF?

Trust us, we understand.

That’s why our goal is to make EMF simple and easy to comprehend, while also diving into some of the basic science.

This course will take us through six weeks of electrifying content (six weeks of puns included too).

Each week, we’ll have an interactive live call to review that week’s specific module of lessons.

Each module will wrap up with a quiz to test your newly acquired skills, and will offer hands-on, practical action-steps you can take as part of your homework, so that the knowledge you gain gets “locked in.”

During these six weeks, we’ll learn:

  1. How EMFs affect us on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

  2. How we can help children navigate the rapidly changing landscape of social media, and avoid the pitfalls of tech addiction.

  3. How to create a sleep sanctuary so that you can get a deeper, more regenerative sleep.

  4. How to test for EMFs, what equipment you need, and where exactly to measure.

  5. What the measurement numbers mean, and what levels are safe.

  6. How we can incorporate back-to-basics ancestral practices into our hectic modern lives, like precision-timed Sun exposure to regain our health!

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What you need to know about EMF:

There’s a lot of confusion today surrounding the topic of EMF because we never learned the lessons of the past.

Scientists such as Einstein and Tesla knew, and tried to teach us, that everything in our bodies and the universe is frequency. Frequency is why opera singers are able to break wine glasses, and why microwave ovens are able to heat our food without fire.

The myth of safe limits

Governments, companies and even industry “watchdogs” that claim to be independent of corporate interests tell us that our devices are safe. What you may not know is that this “safety” is based on guidelines that these groups create themselves, and have assumed for the rest of us, to be safe. Unfortunately these safety limits are full of half truths, which ultimately always lead to a total lie.

A private, self-regulated, 13-member non-governmental organization called the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) provides EMF safety limits to governments worldwide. The members of ICNIRP are appointed internally rather than elected:

Source: EHT Trust


In the eye-opening documentary “War Gaming For Profit”1, scientists, lawyers, and activists reveal how the telecommunications industry has marginalized credible studies by independent scientists that show harm from wireless. If you’d like to learn more about how the revolving door of corruption and lobbying has put science in the backseat, read:

ICNIRP's safety standards are all based on thermal effects, or how long it would take a cell phone to heat our skin tissue to the point of damage. Current safety standards do not consider biological (non-thermal) effects. (Remember: microwaves don't use heat, but frequency to cook our food.)

These 13 members have conveniently assumed for the rest of us, that no further data for health effects is needed for certain frequencies such as 5G, since penetration is only skin-deep. Health authorities also falsely claim that since non-ionizing radiation is very low, there is less chance of harm.

Many studies have in fact, shown just the opposite: prolonged, low-level exposure leads to chronic disease and puts us in an often irreversible stress pattern of "fight/flight" mode. ICNIRP also refutes independent peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate negative effects such as DNA damage.1

If you’ve ever been outside too long on a cloudy summer day, you’ll know that you don’t have to feel heat before you get an “effect”, otherwise known as a sunburn. Microwaves and x-rays also don’t emit heat, but would you put your head in a microwave, or submit to an x-ray without protection?

I will describe below how these biological effects impact us, and what precautions you can take starting today.

First, how did we arrive at this point in history?

We didn’t start the fire

Before we could turn lights on with the flip of a switch, we used candles, followed by the advent of oil and gas lamps in the 1700s. However not everyone could afford these new inventions, and cheaper candles such as those made from animal fat would often give off a nasty odor. In 1879, Thomas Edison would change our world forever.

With the advent of the light bulb, long distance suppliers of electricity had to now find an economical way to deliver ten thousand times more power through the average wire than had previously been necessary.

Edison’s rival Tesla had invented AC (alternating current) electricity, which enabled industries to use electricity not only for lighting but for power on a massive scale. Suddenly, in 1889, every US city had incandescent lighting and the Age of Electricity was born.

Our brain and the Earth already has WiFi

Before the Industrial Age of the 1800s, Earth had its own house of electrical wiring. For 4.5 billion years, lightning would provide a steady amount of static electricity, with each strike causing our biosphere to ring at low frequency tones called the Schumann resonance. Named for the German physicist who predicted their existence, these tones’ frequencies primarily range from 8-32 beats per second (Hz), and literally keep all life on Earth beating in rhythm.


Most of the Earth’s natural electric current pulses 55 miles up into the ionosphere. However, man made radio waves can puncture this fragile electrical envelope and create psychological, as well as ecological disturbances (Reiter, 1954)

Humans as well as animals have brainwaves that vary in frequency. The brainwave rhythm present most of our adult life is the alpha wave pattern, which beats at the same rate as the Schumann resonance: 8Hz!

The alpha frequency has been linked to creativity and mental work. Alpha activity is also associated with states of meditation, relaxation, and learning.

The wavelength of the Schumann resonance is 26,000 miles, which equals the circumference of the Earth.

This means that every 8 pulses (approx. 1 second) our brains circle the planet!

Our bodies also operate on what is known as the DC electric circuit, with positive and negative polarities running through our bodies, similar to a battery. In his groundbreaking book The Body Electric, surgeon Robert O. Becker describes how in the 1970s he discovered that our nervous system uses DC electricity for growth, development, and regeneration while we sleep. 2

What is light? Baby don’t hurt me…

Our entire planet and universe generates electromagnetic fields (EMF), and we may see these fields as visible light. Even if the light is non-visible, such as infrared or x-rays, our bodies still “perceive” these EMF fields on a cellular, and sometimes subconscious level.

EMFs travel as waves at the speed of light. In fact, light is EMF. EMF travels, radiates, and creates electromagnetic radiation - some beneficial (like that from the Earth and Sun) and some harmful. The image below depicts an example of an EMF. The vertical/ blue (E plane) waves are electric, and the horizontal/ red (B) plane is magnetic:


There are two types of electromagnetic radiation: Ionizing and non-ionizing, shown in the chart below. The current mainstream gospel is that only the ionizing part of the spectrum is harmful, since these energies, like those from x-rays, are able to break our strands of DNA. However, there has been an enormous amount of research that has shown DNA damage from WiFi and laptops, affecting male fertility and sperm quality.3 4 There have been numerous peer-reviewed studies showing how exposure to wireless may lead to insomnia, headaches, depression5, as well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

Over 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from radiofrequency (RF) radiation, which you can find here.

You’ll notice in the picture above, as EMF waves increase in energy (to the right) their wavelength becomes shorter, and as they decrease in energy (to the left) their wavelength becomes longer. How is this relevant?

The infrared light emitted by the sun is extremely beneficial for our health because the longer wavelengths can penetrate our skin more deeply, triggering melatonin production and other regenerative processes. Although blue light doesn’t penetrate our skin as deeply, this light stays in our skin longer, as it takes more time for the shorter, more tightly-packed waves to interact with our cells.

How EMFs interact with us:

You can see how EMF waves interact with matter below (see the difference between red and blue/violet waves at the 1:26 mark):

Tuck your phone away

Do cell phone towers damage our health? Absolutely. However, they only exist because we consume their frequencies by having phones. We've forgotten that the blue light itself is an EMF, and that our televisions, computers, and phones are actually our most pernicious and commonplace offenders. Multiple studies have shown that the 450nm (nanometer) wavelength of blue light damages our DNA, and impairs our bodies’ ability to regenerate at night by destroying our melatonin.6

It takes at least two hours of darkness for your body to begin secreting melatonin, so if you look at your cell phone before you go to bed, you delay melatonin production. Chances are, you may feel more groggy the next morning as melatonin isn't completely out of your system.

Ways to reduce EMF

The bad news is that there are many sources of EMF in our environment, from the blenders that make our smoothies, to our refrigerators. Physicians such as Samuel Milham have discovered that our AC (alternating current) power outlets often cause “dirty electricity” when appliances or devices need blasts of power to operate. These spikes in power emit a dangerous, erratic electromagnetic field that can lead to chronic disease.7:

The good news is that we can take steps to mitigate the damage caused by EMFs. We can make sure that our house is wired and grounded correctly. If you’re unsure of how to even fix wiring issues or live in an older house like I do, you can use these power filters,* which drastically reduce dirty electricity and prolong the life of your appliances.

However if you do have any wiring errors in your home, there is a chance that these filters can also increase what are known as dirty magnetic fields.

*Note: if you contact Stetzer Electric directly at +1 (608) 989-2571 you may be able to get a better price on these filters than just buying them online.


Optimize our health with a less-is-more stratagy:

Some steps that I’ve taken to eliminate WiFi completely are hard-wiring my devices, as well as having a landline. Wires are not only safer than wireless, they provide a more reliable signal as well. If you can’t get rid of your WiFi router for any reason, you can still shut it off at night. Our bodies are most susceptible to damage while we sleep, as this is the time we regenerate and repair our organs through our DC electric circuit.

If you do have a cell phone, make sure that it’s on airplane mode when not in use, and disable Bluetooth and WiFi if you’re only making calls, as many phones such as the iPhone will automatically turn these settings on.

Please also consider the following:

  • EMFs emitted from your phone are highest when first making or receiving a call, as the signal from the tower is initiating communication.

  • Keep the phone on speaker, and never hold the phone next to your head, as many studies have shown that wireless phones cause leakage in our blood-brain barrier.

  • The weaker the signal (less bars), the more towers will be beaming EMFs to your location in order to obtain service. Counterintuitively, this causes more radiation instead of less. Only use your cell when you have a clear, potent signal.

  • If you must use your phone while driving, you can crack your windows open a bit to dissipate the electromagnetic field being generated, so that wireless frequencies are not constantly bouncing off the inner metal frame of your car.

Get Grounded

Similar to electronics, we can prolong our lives and increase our energy efficiency by unplugging from technology, and plugging into the Earth.

Our planet and biosphere are full of electrons (-) that gives us energy and allows our metabolism to work. When we use electronics, we are often depleted of these life-giving electrons, and absorb protons (+) from our phones and other man made sources of EMF, which can lead to inflammation in our bodies.8:


Remember the DC electric circuit I mentioned, which our bodies use to regenerate?

The Earth has one too!

Studies have shown when our body is electrically grounded, the direct current (DC) voltage of the Earth creates, in effect, a natural electron shield on the surface of the body. This is partly due to the fact that we have sweat glands on our feet which produce salt, and salt is an electrical conductor.

No matter the season, I always make sure to touch the Earth at least once per day with my bare feet.

The more electrons I can get from the ground and trees around me, the more powerful potential I have to run the ultimate technology: my body!

We are more powerful than we know


Want to take proactive steps in your health, but don’t even know where to begin?

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