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Can EMF poisoning be reversed?

Can EMF poisoning be reversed?

Perspective from an EMF remediation professional | Why there is no safe level of wireless radiation | Cultural barriers surrounding EMF toxicity

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This week we have a surprise for you!

We recently connected with

of EMF Remedy.

Keith is a 39 year survivor of electromagnetic poisoning, and helps clients reduce personal exposure to non-native electromagnetic fields in their homes.

Keith’s knowledge stems from experience, and knows what it feels like to walk the narrow path of EMF advocacy and health optimization.

Today we’re sharing one of his many podcast episodes.

On this episode, Keith discusses:

  • How he has been able to reverse electromagnetic poisoning in his life.

  • Why there is no “safe” level when it comes to EMF.

  • How cultural mindsets around smoking in the 1950s parallels to cell phones

  • EMF-reduction strategies that may work for most of us

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Additional resources:

Link to original podcast by Keith on EMF Remedy.

Book: Wi-Fi Refugee

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The Power Couple by Roman Shapoval
The Power Couple
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