The Power Couple by Roman Shapoval
The Power Couple
How tech takes our "third place"

How tech takes our "third place"

How we can regain the U-shaped curve of happiness

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isolation — March 2023 — © darren harley

On this episode, we discussed:

  • When did “play-based” childhood become “phone-based?”

  • When do children’s brains undergo a second re-wiring?

  • How we can combat the global epidemic of loneliness

  • What is the U-shaped curve of happiness?

We are more powerful than we know.

Roman & Bohdanna


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The Power Couple by Roman Shapoval
The Power Couple
Regenerating modern humans by repurposing our ancestral past, and the primal relationship we have with ourselves.
We discuss everything from how to use sunlight effectively, improve sleep, and harness healthy relationships. All relationships start with you.
You are more powerful than you know.